The World of Distribution is Changing
In this rapidly changing atmosphere of #hashtags, native advertising, SEO, PPC, CPC, BYOB, etc., it can be hard to know where you should focus your marketing efforts.

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+  All access to DigitalBranch™ Training Library 
+  6+ Training Modules   $1,500 Value
+  Monthly LIVE Master Classes and Training in eCommerce, SEO, Strategy, Design, and Marketing $2,500 Value
+  Up to Date Information on B2B E-Commerce Platforms and Vendors $2,500 Value
+  All Access to Private Facebook Group $749 Value
+  Weekly Office Hours / Coaching $4,000 Value
+  Social Media Training for Independent Distributors $1,000 Value
+  Private DigitalBranch Blog, Updates, and Thought Leadership 
+  Early Access to All New DigitalBranch Programs

B2X Partners, a leading digital agency focused on B2B e-commerce for the independent distributor, launched the DigitalBranch™ Incubator, an education and training portal designed to serve all people working to drive e-commerce teams for industrial distributors. 

This new platform fills a crucial gap that we kept hearing from customers and partners - ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’ when it comes to B2B e-commerce, There are few resources and communities focused on educating distributors how to go digital. This is a different kind of site - one that is 100% dedicated to helping independent distributors stay up-to-date and competetive in this rapidly evolving digital market. 

While we provide the expertise and knowledge, our primary focus is serving our customers - and their specific needs and opportunities that will continue to drive the content and services. We are serving the individuals who are driving the distribution business - from the key stakeholders to day-to-day practitioners. The DigitalBranch™ Incubator provides continual education, focused training and webcasts, insights into e-commerce platforms, trends and news. Everything we create is designed to be relevant, concrete and actionable. Our goal is to help make every single member’s job easier, clearer and forward-focused.

Why We Created the DigitalBranch™ Incubator

Join the DigitalBranch Incubator

The Incubator has helped keep me learn all aspects of creating our own DigitalBranch. I especially like the updates on what MSC and Grainger are doing on their sites. It helps us shape what new customer experience changes we need to make on our own site and more importantly what benefit these changes will have for helping our customers do their job.

Amy Brown  
Program Specialist 
Hubbard Supply Company

+  10 Week Master Class Format (with video replay) 
+  The DigitalBranch Framework 
+  How to Build Your E-Commerce Strategy 
+  How to Build a Financial Model 
+  How to Select the Right Technology 
+  How to Build Product Content 
+  The role of Mobile in the DigitalBranch 
+  How to Staff Your DigitalBranch 
+  How to Continuously Measure Success 
+  How to Market Your New Site

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DigitalBranch Training (7+ modules)

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Master Classes

Private Blog & Community

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The Incubator Training Series includes:

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The DigitalBranch Incubator is a resource we didn’t even know was missing. It will be a bedrock tool for management to build their strategic understanding and for my eCommerce team to have the training, tools, and up-to-date information to really drive and optimize our own DigitalBranch.

Les Johnson  
North Coast Electric

Get the tools you need to drive your digital business.  

With Master Classes, Training, Technology Reviews and Articles covering:

  • Strategy
  • Technology Selection
  • Product Content
  • Design & UX
  • SEO
  • Marketing  

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You did the first part. 
You built a successful business.
But the world is changing - and so are your customers. They want to buy online and you need to meet them where they are.
We can help you get there.

Introducing the DigitalBranch Incubator
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